#PobleNou Art District


The Poblenou Urban District follows the steps of international projects such as the Wynwood Arts District (Miami), the Meatpacking District (New York City) or the Hackney District (London).

It’s now converted into the technological district of Barcelona and renamed 22@. The conversion of the building was undertaken by the BAAS architectural practice. Is a district of contrasts where last generation buildings, such as the Agbar Tower or the Disseny Hub Barcelona, coexist with old factories and warehouses that have been turned into art galleries, associations, design studios, advertising agencies, showrooms, higher education institutes, production companies, and a varied selection of hotels and restaurants.

If you are contemporary art addicted, Poble Nou can offer you emerging galleries, some co-working art spaces like La Escocesa or Hangar.org, all them at the vanguard of urban art in Barcelona and the most important graffity área in the city.

Some pictures in Poblenou District…

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Walking around Poblenou, it’s Can Framis, a factory built at the end of the 18th century, was originally owned by the Framis family. Over the years it fell into disuse, becoming a monument to the industry of the area. Today, as a Museum of Contemporary Painting, it is an ideal place for the contemplation of art located in Poble Nou.


Can Framis is the latest Fundació Vila Casas museum. Opened in April 2009 in Barcelona, it has around 300 works on show dating from the 1960’s onwards by a wide range of artists born or living in Catalonia.

The Fundació Vila Casas has three contemporary art museums and two galleries for temporary exhibitions all devoted to the displaying of contemporary Catalan art dating from the 1960’s to the present day.
In Barcelona the Can Framis Museum of Contemporary Painting and the galleries for temporary exhibitions Espai Volart and Espai Volart 2, and in the Baix Empordà area of Catalonia the Museum of Contemporary Photography, Palau Solterra and the Museum of Contemporary Sculpture, Can Mario, offer an insight into Catalan contemporary art and architectural heritage.

These are some of the artists you can see in Can Framis permanent exhibit:

Antoni Clavé, Modest Cuixart, Albert Ràfols-Casamada, Josep Guinovart, Joan Hernández-Pijuan, Antoni Tàpies, Antoni Llena, Perejaume, Frederic Amat, Mario Pasqualotto, Joaquim Chancho, Jaume Plensa, Gerard Fernández Rico, Yago Hortal or Gino Rubert and many others.

These are some art pieces in Can Framis…



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You can visit the Fundació Vila Casas art centers in Barcelona and Girona, with Contemporary Art Barcelona. Ask here to book your personalized tour. 

And If you are interested in a personalized POBLE NOU ART, you can book it here.