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cab4       … if you want to see Barcelona with new eyes, join the Contemporary Art Barcelona tours.

This week we’ve hosted Debby, a travel blogger on behalf of Withlocals Spain organization. Debby has been walking with us in one of the art tour options.

On this occasion, we’ve chosen the center city district tour, around Passeig de Gràcia and Rambla de Catalunya, in order to immerse us in a quotidian working day and in addition, discover some art jewels in Barcelona.

José Guerrero The Presence of Black 1950-1966 exhibition in the Fundació Suñol was first stop.


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Looking to our surroundings and enjoying Gaudi’s buildings and stories, we arrived to the Fundació Tapies to enjoy one of the most interesting museums in the city.



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After the walk and a nice coffe en La Bodegueta, we stopped in Planeta Bea, a unique art space in Gracia district, in order to receive an “oil on canvas” master-classe, the perfect compliment to a great day of art in Barcelona.


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Here, Debby’s post in her travel blog, we’ve translated below into english…



(*) Be aware that both art walks and painting classes booking information are detailed in our site.

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(**) Planeta Bea Gallery and painting studio collaborates with Contemporary Art Barcelona.

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Contemporary art tour in Barcelona by Withlocals host Beatriz 

by                               debby

“Barcelona. The city that I was exactly nine years ago my home call. I was eighteen and did not know of the evil of a large metropolis like small town girl. Yet it has not hardened me in my being, it just made me more aware of artistic influences, small nuances, guard your boundaries well. Still, I feel that I know the city by heart. Until I could see the city with Beatriz ‘eyes.

Via Withlocals I book an art tour. Five minutes late (too late classy called that?) I get Beatriz her studio inside, I was still Magdalena and fruits admitted crams my Barcelona surrogate mother – yes really no excuse.Relieved that I speak Spanish, we will discuss a little about the purpose of this tour (Beatriz gives the tour in English). It seems like we’ve known each other for years and we have to catch up even centuries. I feel at ease.

By Vila de Gràcia running, she shows me how nice the neighborhood and pointing bars and cafes to. Once they have landed on the Passeig de Gràcia, Fundacio Sunol we walk in, but that will only open in the afternoon. “No problem! There’s so much more to see. “

She says with Gaudi’s Casa La Pedrera that her grandmother lived there and she remembers how they got there ran through the corridors, while playing as a child. That the waves represent the sea and the heads (they are chimneys) are on top of any kind of reference to the windmills of Don Quixote proved with his literary masterpiece that crazy yet is not so crazy.

I thought I could learn anything new when I has long been inside had been in previous times in Barcelona, ​​but it gives that extra paint what Barcelona Barcelona as well. Stories. You hear them whispering through the streets, yelling and screaming. So we both laugh when I say that the balconies of Casa Batllo just like skulls. That she had seen then never again.

We walk the Tàpies museum. Dumbfounded, I look at his paintings. They seem very minimalist, but they cut right through your soul back. In another hall are his works of the past, which are quite surreal again. I like him, which Tàpies.

We dive la Bodegueta in for a cup of café con leche. One of its flyers she gives me addresses full of tips on things I can go and see. We talk endlessly about my future dreams and she gives me an address to me sometimes that might help. Oh, and if it seems to us like, my friend may be art also exhibit once in her studio!

With renewed courage we’re back to her studio: Planeta Bea. I get my first Spanish painter painting classes and an icy mountain near the hot Mediterranean temperatures while enjoying music which reverberates from Bea’s phone. This day is beautiful. With my own painting under my arm I walk on Gran de Gràcia. Like it should be.”